Vision & Mission Statement


AGCC’S Continued success in the construction industry depends on our ability to attract, and manage a diverse and highly qualified workforce.


We will build and maintain an inclusive, diverse workforce that effectively accepts, utilize and values our employees, we will maintain and environment where employees can contribute creative ideas, seek challenges, assume leading roles and continue to focus on meeting and exceeding business and personal objectives. We will provide opportunities and training that allow each individual to achieve their maximum potential.


We will foster a culture that mobilizes employees around defined and shared goals, we will reinforce the idea that diversity is about seeking diverse experience. Diverse idea and diverse solutions to resolve problems. Our culture will ensure that employees are held accountable and understand, appreciate and respect individual values and recognize the impact of personal action on the overall performance of the organization.


An enhanced sensitivity to diversity and a more culturally diverse workforce will better position the company to meet the needs of a national and changing market and client base. Quality and productivity is enhanced in an environment in which all employees feel that they can achieve their full potential. AGCC’s environment, culture, policies, programs and practices will reflect the high value we place on diversity.

The difference at (AGCC) is the honesty, integrity, fairness and innovation that are a part of everything we do. These corporate values-and integral part of our company-mean you can count on our people to deliver quality construction services on time and on budget.

Whether you choose to work with (AGCC) as a general contractor. Construction manager or in a design /build relationship, we are committed to teamwork, quality workmanship, communication and unmatched support. On the bottom line, that means better value, fewer hassles and a more rewarding construction experience for you.