Quality Policy

AGCC undertakes planning, investigation, design, documentation and management of a broad range of engineering works. Areas of proven ability include development roads and bridges, structures, water supply and environmental services.

The company provides a range of services from the provision of a single design activity to the delivery of total project management, from inception to commissioning. The corporate objective is to provide engineering excellence through a process of continuous improvement in our quality systems.

The Company's interest is to provide deliverables on time, within budget and in a manner which is applied to the conception appropriate and socially responsible solution confirming to contractual and regulatory requirements.

To achieve this objective, AGCC has developed and maintains a quality system which is applied to the conception, planning, investigation, design, documentation, tender evaluation Procurement and contract administration phases of a project.

The quality system, outlined in the Company's Quality Manual and Procedures has been designed to control the work and confirm the effectiveness of the planning and management of each project in meeting our obligation to clients.

The AGCC Quality Policy is implemented through the following key strategies:

  • A continuing recruitment programs to satisfy the need for highly motivated people with appropriate qualification and proven work skills.
  • Encouragement of technology transfer and professional development by means of attendance at professional seminars and appropriate courses, and by dissemination and reading technical papers published by other experts.
  • Ongoing development and maintenance of an effective information and documentation system.
  • Adoption of a management structure that engenders position attitude encourages personal and technical development, and which rewards effort, integrity and initiative.
  • Being adaptive to the changing management technical and physical environment in which we live.
  • Development of a clear focus and emphasis on the client needs interests and requirements.