AGCC Clients

AGCC is grateful and honored to have secured the trust and confidence of our clients. Amongst our clients are the names of various Afghanistan ministries, their associated agencies and other major international institutions such as:

  • Delegation of the European Commission to Afghanistan (EC)
  • United Nations Various Agencies e.g. (UNHCR, UN-WFP, UNDP, UNOPS, UNAMA, UNICE)
  • US Army, ISAF and DRS
  • US embassy
  • USACE (AED – N and AED – S)

AGCC have also been increasingly involved in providing services to client and private involvement for small and large-scale complex projects. AGCC offers a full range of construction-related services in both the private and public sectors.

With years of continuous experience in the provision and transfer of expert knowledge and technology, AGCC is ready to provide its ever growing range of services and expertise to address the diverse and consulting and development needs of Afghanistan.